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Pablo Barragán: 
Master clarinet faster

When award-winning clarinetist Pablo Barragán practices with Halo Sport, the movements stick faster — so the next time he plays, the muscle memory is already there.

In just 3 weeks, he was able to nail complex finger movements and even extend how long he could play scales at a fast pace.

To quote Pablo, "I should've been using Halo way earlier, it would've made my life easier."

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Andrew Talansky: 
Pro cyclist to pro 
triathlete in 1 year

Former pro cyclist Andrew Talansky's next goal is earning a podium finish at the Ironman World Championships — just one year after competing in the Tour de France.

His only hope: master swimming & running technique as fast as possible.

That's where Halo Sport comes in. Andrew's training is progressing fast enough to turn one skill into three.

Help your dad master his passion faster

We asked hundreds of athletes who they would gift Halo Sport to.

The most common answer? Dad.

With Halo Sport, Dad can master any movement faster, from golf to guitar.

Kim Glass: 
Helping clients master their bodies

Watch Olympic silver medalist and personal trainer Kim Glass help her client master his body with Halo Sport, so he can stay active and keep up with his son.

"Halo Sport is my secret tool. My clients can see and feel the difference." - Kim Glass

Kari Pearce: 
Learn new movements faster

After an impressive 10th place finish at the 2017 CrossFit Games, Kari Pearce has one goal: to make it on podium in 2018.

With Halo Sport, Kari is able to master hundreds of CrossFit movements in no time, helping her train efficiently, hit PRs, and ultimately win events.

Your brain determines how fast you learn movement

You can. Halo Sport neurostimulation activates the part of the brain that controls movement, inducing a temporary state of hyperplasticity, or hyperlearning. Pairing this state with training results in faster muscle memory development.  

Scroll to explore how people across the globe are mastering movement faster. 

What if you could harness it to master skill even faster?

Kristin Holte: 
Master weakness faster

To earn another top finish at the CrossFit Games, Kristin Holte came into this season with a new mindset: fix her weak points rather than shy away.

Halo Sport gives her a better, faster way to overwrite bad form and gain confidence in even the most difficult movements.

To quote Kristin, "I'm priming my brain to master my weaknesses faster, and turn them into strengths."

Nico Brassart: 
Helping golfers 
break bad habits

Even the best golfers often struggle to make changes to their swing. Pro golf instructor Nico Brassart uses Halo Sport to help athletes master new swing technique — in just one or two days.

To quote Nico, "Halo Sport helps them get the movement that I want precisely."

Dave Asprey: 
Hacking the brain for more agility

Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Coffee and lifelong biohacker, masters agility drills faster with help from Olympian and trainer Kim Glass — and Halo Sport, of course.

Dave further explores how neurostimulation can enhance the brain and speed up the process of learning new skills on Bulletproof Radio.

Listen to the podcast.

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Sarah Piampiano: 
Master technique faster

Pro triathlete Sarah Piampiano is determined to make the comeback of a lifetime at the 2018 Ironman World Championships.

To get there, she's going back to the basics and learning more efficient swim technique with Halo Sport.

To quote Sarah, "Halo Sport not only enhances my performance, but helps me retain technique work better than ever before."

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