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The Golden State Warriors and Melbourne Storm achieved their best seasons in history under performance coach Lachlan Penfold. Here are his go-to workouts.

Triathlon training for power

Follow pro triathlete Tim O'Donnell's tried and true training plan to build power — featuring 4 weeks of cycling, running, swimming, and strength workouts.

Kari Pearce reveals her top tips and workouts to nail form and gain strength.

T.J. Carrie followed this offseason training plan to massively increase his vertical leap and earn respect as one of the fittest players in the Browns locker room.

Professional long driver and golf fitness expert Mitch Dobbyn reveals his top tips and training plan to build power and maximize driving distance.

Elite athletes and musicians reveal their top training techniques.

Halo Sport is the ultimate life hack for people who love working out, playing music, and getting the most out of every hour.

4 essential drills all athletes should do

Build lower body explosiveness

7 insider secrets to get your first ring muscle up

8 surefire steps to drive the ball farther

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Tim O'Donnell, Ironman Champion

Lachlan Penfold, Elite Performance Coach

Kari Pearce, Fittest Woman in America

Mitch Dobbyn, World Long Drive Pro

T.J. Carrie, NFL Cornerback

Master the G major scale

Acorn Music founder Conor Leary shares his technique-focused guide to own the most common scale in popular music.

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Conor Leary, Music Educator

Get fit in just 30 minutes a day with these challenging at-home workouts — no equipment required.

Get Stronger in 30 Minutes

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Shauna Harrison, TRX Trainer